Protection by Insurance

Cargo is precious and when it’s on the move, we account for every risk involved in safe passage and delivery with our cargo insurance policies.

Why cargo insurance?

The amount of cargo that gets lost during transit is considerable, and if you’re covered by insurance, the value of that cargo stays protected. All too often, shippers misunderstand how liability works in the event of loss to their goods and the various rules and regulations surrounding the topic can make things even more complicated. We’ll help mitigate your shipping risks against physical damage, theft, or general average through the right cargo insurance policy.

Why you should get cargo insurance

Non-carrier liability

The freight carrier that transports your cargo is typically insured to protect itself and a small fraction of your goods. By insuring your cargo, you are protecting yourself from financial risks.

Customised policies

A customised shipment with many stops needs a flexible policy that can cover your cargo throughout its journey.

Navigate different customs

Marine cargo moves through various sea ports across the world and having a flexible cargo insurance ensures that at no port will your shipment face any unseen hurdles with the domestic customs.

Three things to look for in a quality insurance provider

All-risk coverage

Several prominent cargo insurance policies cover a certain amount of risk, but do not offer the crucial all-risk coverage.

Qualified teams

Insurance requires expertise and only seasoned insurance providers can understand the many risks involved in marine cargo insurance and help you glide through claims processes should there be a need for it.


It's no secret that complicated or customised shipments require flexible policies. Find a provider who offers flexible policies at low deductible.