We’ll take your goods and business where it needs to be, by the means it takes to get there. By combining the strengths of air, sea, rail, road and inland waterways transportation, we provide efficient, integrated freight services that are optimised for time and costs.

Multimodal Freight

If you’re seeking a supply chain partner who can provide seamless end-to-end, multimodal freight services, look no further. Our 360 degree services ensure that all your multimodal shipping needs are taken care of.



Once our agent receives your order via mail or fax, the field staff collect the documents and consignments from the shipper. 

The professional edge

Freight Consolidators relies on its global network of industry veterans to bring you the best solution and the winning edge over others.

With you all the way

Our teams work through every step of the way to ensure that your shipment is delivered on-time to your end customer.


360-degree integration

Freight Consolidators has been designing and managing end-to-end services that are fully integrated to maximize efficiencies, while cutting costs and protecting the natural environment.

Fast, efficient and environment-friendly

Our decades-long expertise enables us to provide solutions that deliver flexibility and reliable lead times, together with a significantly reduced carbon footprint.

24-hour support

We are at your service 24/7 to make sure your goods reach their destinations in the best possible transit time and at cost-efficient routes.

Across the border. Across the sea.

We operate cross-border and cross-seas with all the supporting services. From customs house brokerage to cross-docking, consolidation, de-consolidation and reverse logistics, Freight Consolidators puts its best foot forward when it comes to your cargo.

Gain the winning edge

Competitive advantage is what makes Freight Consolidators a preferred choice for over 3000 clients across the world. Gain the winning edge with the logistics partner who brings the best out of your business.

Uniquely customised for you

Every multimodal solution is unique. Tell us your complex requirement and we'll find the best possible solution.