The right way to warehouse

Warehousing is integral to shipping. As a key logistics player for nearly three decades, Freight Consolidators puts its expertise to use to handle all of your warehousing needs. This minimises your investment risk, reduces operational costs and maximises the safety of your goods while at port.

Why warehouse with us

Warehousing is more than inventory management and supply chain visibility.  Our warehousing services take care of all your logistical needs while minimising your investment risk and reducing operational costs to help you make the most of your business.

Services Include

Distribution Centre

Similar to consolidation, distribution centres are also essential to warehousing. We find strategically placed centres that can manage storage, reverse logistics and all other distribution requirements.

Vendor Managed Inventory

When your goods are warehoused, they are under our diligent supervision. This ensures better stock management.

Site Consultancy

Rely on veteran knowledge to find optimal warehouse locations which in turn speeds up goods distribution.

Temperature Controlled

We find facilities that are capable of being temperature controlled to store perishable and other specialised goods.

Consolidation Centre

Efficiency, planning and forecasting are essential to cargo shipping. We find consolidation services that are best suited for your shipment so that your cargo is put on the fast track to its destination.