Let's bring the world closer, together.

Join us as we move mountains, traverse oceans and do the impossible to transport precious cargo for our esteemed clientele.

Working With Freight Consolidators

Our people are our strongest asset. Our mission is simple: to make this great big world, a small one. In this journey, you will not only find exciting opportunities but also move up the learning curve, working alongside talented professionals and seasoned veterans. The learning never stops and together we will seal our place in the sands of time. Come, help us engineer a long-lasting legacy.

Meet Team Freight Consolidators

Our team of experienced and talented professionals literally makes the world move. Together we strive to make the globe seem ever so smaller and within reach, and to take your cargo, your business and your trust where it needs to be.

Our core beliefs

Enabling innovation

Innovation is at the core of everything we do. We enable our workforce to find ways to innovate and improve work processes so that we serve our customers better.

Where everyone belongs

As a member of the Freight Consolidators family, join our commitment to creating a work environment where everyone feels like they belong.

Change through learning

You are our investment. And, by helping you learn, we improve the world of shipping and logistics. Join us and break down barriers and open up a world of opportunities for yourself and others.


Building long-term relationships with our employees begins with bettering their work lives. We do this by bringing to the table a superb work environment where every member will be working alongside the best of the best in the shipping and logistics industry.

The Freight Consol Impact

Skills and development

The many opportunities you'll find at Freight Consolidators will help you improve your skill sets and can greatly benefit your career, as you move up ranks in the Freight Consolidators family.

Places and people

It's not just about going to places, it's about going places. At Freight Consolidators, your career is set to skyrocket to greater heights where you can meet unique individuals who have a lot to teach you.


Freight Consolidators is committed to long-term innovative solutions that can reduce our collective impact on the world and to leave behind a better place for future generations.

Your extraordinary journey begins here.

Join a team full of incredible individuals.

Join a team full of incredible individuals who together form an unstoppable legacy. Check our LinkedIn® page for vacancies.