Perfect packaging

The packaging of cargo can be as important as the cargo itself. After all, it ensures that your goods stay safe, contained, and damage-free and helps it sail through the transit process with ease. We understand the importance of packaging, and get it done just right.

Securely packed. Securely shipped.

Finding The Right Fit

It's no secret that when your goods are packed in an orderly fashion, it can be transported easier. We help find the right kind of packaging for your cargo.

Meeting Guidelines

We’ll guide you to adhere to every packaging guideline, and help you ship your goods using the right material and in the right manner.

Keeping it safe

Fragile and perishable goods need specialised packaging to ensure safe passage against the element while on the move. Our packaging services help ensure that your items arrive in a perfect state at their end location, saving you time and money.

The right information

The right logistics packaging provides important information to those transporting your items and to the end customer from simple storage information to detailed handling instructions. 

Cargo Protection

It's not just fragile or perishable goods that need specialised packaging. Every kind of cargo is prone to damage. Freight Consolidators ensures that your shipment reaches its destination just the way it left.

Convenient Storage

Any shipment will spend some time in a warehouse or storage facility. With the right kind of packaging, your cargo can be conveniently stored and moved around.